ZO Skincare Specialist

Bella Rose Medispa

Medical Spa located in Salem, OR

ZO Skincare is a line of skincare from world famous skincare expert Dr. Zein Obagi. Bella Rose Medispa in Salem, OR offers the full range of ZO Skincare products to help patients achieve and maintain beautiful skin.

ZO Skincare Q & A

What is the ZO Skincare Line?

The ZO Skincare line was created by Dr. Zein Obagi, one of the world's leading skincare experts. Dr. Obagi wanted to create a system that could be customized for each person's individual skin care concerns and needs. The core of the system is centered around several simple steps. Step 1 is designed to remove the surface debris from the skin using a cleanser that is specially formulated according to skin type. Step 2 is a scrub that will gently but effectively remove the dead skin cells, allowing the healthy new skin to be revealed. Step 3 can include either an oil control product or a soothing toner, based upon the patient's skin type. In step 4, the patient will use products specially selected for their skin concerns to brighten the skin, control and eliminate acne, correct pigmentation issues, correct fine lines and wrinkles, and much more. The ZO Skincare system is designed to cover the gap between cosmetic treatments and skincare at home so that patients can have their very best skin, all the time.

What Other ZO Products Are Available?

The ZO product line includes Aknetrol acne treatment, Brightenex retinol solution, Ommerse Renewal Creme, Restoracalm Recovery Creme, Ossential Radical Night Repair, Hydrafirm Eye Brightening Treatment, and much more. Each patient's skin is completely unique, so the team at Bella Rose Medispa will help each person find what works best for their specific needs.

Where Can ZO Products be Purchased?

ZO Skincare products are sold through licensed medical professionals like Bella Rose Medispa. The full range of ZO products is typically available, and if patients need additional products the staff will be happy to order them promptly.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some patients may experience very minor side effects like a small amount swelling or redness in the treatment areas. The products are highly potent and the skin may need some time to adapt, but the results of the ZO Skincare regimen are well worth any minor temporary issues for most people.